RebornTwo guys walked into a building. You’d think they would have seen it!

It seems many today are failing to realize just exactly what Jesus meant when telling Nicodemus, “You must be born again or you cannot see the Kingdom of God. “ Like the two men, by now you’d think we would have seen it!

What was Jesus saying exactly and is it really that important that we understand? Of course it is! Otherwise He would have never said it, right? What perplexes me is how we just plain miss it. It’s been there all along, even hundreds of years now.

First off, He is not just talking about a man must be born again because you don’t need to be. You can keep your first one and do just fine…until you die. Then what? Now we are getting a little closer to the intent and instruction of His seeming babble. We know Nico thought Jesus was a little off. Listen to his question: “Can a man enter a second time into his mother’s womb and be born?” Be honest, that is NOT normal. Actually, it is impossible! Jesus a second time makes the point that He is speaking of a Kingdom and how you enter it. The subject is the Kingdom of God and the fact is no one can enter without being born again. That’s all he is saying to Nicodemus. There is a Kingdom of God and you, old man, even the teacher of Israel are not in it, nor can you be. Nuh-uh. Only if you are born again and that is something you cannot do by yourself or with your momma. The next 20 verses or so are all about how to enter into the Kingdom of God. A kingdom that flesh and blood can in no wise enter. That’s the rules and everyone must play by them. A kingdom awaits and we can’t get through the gates! That’s just great! It’s just not fair! Au contraire mon frere’. The way is not only available but is at hand. Mark 1:14-15. But you are going to have to listen to Jesus and His teaching on righteousness and not the religious teaching of men. It is absolutely imperative for you to know the difference between the two or you will be deceived.

So, if flesh and blood CANNOT enter the Kingdom and ONLY those who are BORN AGAIN may, how does a person become born again, what exactly happens when they do and since flesh and blood are not there, who is and can we go there before we die? PHEW! You ask a lot of questions. In fact too many for this post as I like to keep it around 500 words or so. So, next time I will answer these and similar ones. Better yet, let Jesus answer them for ya. He does in John 3:1-21. Read and reap!

Knowing the truth makes the difference between righteousness, peace and joy versus sickness, lack and discouragement.

Until next time, “Don’t worry, we’re all gonna die! But some are gonna REALLY LIVE until then.”

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BTW: I stopped writing to check my FB and Mark Driscoll had posted this:

“One of the most prevalent images of Jesus in the Gospels is Jesus as controversialist. Wherever he goes, controversy seems to follow.” –Dictionary of Biblical Imagery