Let Us…Let Them

The Trinity Worship BackgroundIn my previous post “Are you too dependent on God?” I introduced the thought that many today are in error not knowing the Scriptures nor the power of God. Not to point a finger of arrogance or tear down to build myself up, I am still learning too. I now see through over 30 years of time, study, observation and personal experiences, however, a part of my learning is to unlearn some of the earlier teachings. Men who love God and desire to see His Kingdom come and His will be done have taught me well and I am forever grateful for their doing so. But I have some questions.

My intent is to share some of what I am learning as I gain more clear understanding of what to believe as a follower of Jesus Christ. I am not writing to “throw down the gauntlet” or “wage war” on the teachings of others. Many have been a great source of comfort, strength and wisdom in trials and temptations in my life. My purpose is only to stir thinking that too many are “praying” but not receiving from God and making excuse for it, or worse, teaching their reasoning as Bible truth. They are waiting on what God has already done while truth is He is waiting on you to believe and receive from Him.

I concluded my previous post asking the reader to read the Scriptures Genesis 1:26-30; Psalms 115:16; Psalm 82 and Mark 11:2-23 hoping to help understand why I write these posts.

“Let Us…Let them.” From the very beginning God created man to reign over all the earth. In this way man is like God, being a ruler yet he is to be ruled over by God. “You may…You shall not.” God says, ”It is yours Adam but by My rules. I own, you manage.” Life for Adam was really great with this arrangement…UNTIL. We all know the story. Adam died. Yet he still lives, just under anothers rule… SIN. Once our sin is dealt with, Satan no longer rules us. Jesus did not destroy Satan, just his works of ruling over man through sin. GOSPEL!  We are now delivered from this power and are no longer dead but alive unto God. Now what? This is where we miss it. We still live through that part of man which is ruled by sin, our senses, carnally minded. We can choose at anytime to walk in the newness of life through faith in Christ the ONLY Way, Truth and Life! Too many today live a mixture of flesh and spirit. Flesh profits nothing, spirit gives life. You want life you must walk in spirit. Jesus said to worship God you must do so in spirit and truth. Flesh has neither but does have a mind of its own…SIN! Deal with sin and its wages of death and you have righteousness and life. It is from this place of righteousness by faith that the new creation is to live in this world but not of it. AS He is, so are we in this world. We are born again through incorruptible seed. Therefore, as we live from our spirit we cannot sin (1John 3:8) because we are now born of God. Our failure to receive from God is not due to God having “Four answers to prayer” but because of our unbelief. Matthew 17. Rather than admit this we contrive traditions of men and err, not knowing the Scriptures or the power of God. Jesus said how to get rid of it is prayer and fasting, not covering unbelief with man-made ideas. There is no unbelief in our born again spirit for it is of God, even born of God. We are His sons in our spirit. To walk in the power of the spirit is to walk by faith to the degree the word of God becomes flesh and dwells among you as the promise of God with you.

“God…Is Not Scheduling Experiences In Your Life – Your Faith Is Scheduling Experiences In Your Life.” – Mike Murdock

“According to your faith be it unto you.” – Jesus