This morning my thoughts are on a verse I heard quoted a number of years ago as, “I wisdom dwell with prudence and give knowledge of creative ideas and witty inventions.” (Proverbs 8:12) There was a time when many of the inventions which are now a part of everyday life were greeted with ridicule and skepticism. However, the dreamers persisted and

changed life as it was known.

There are many seemingly impossible creative inventions yet to be discovered and put into use for the benefit of others. Wisdom is the principal thing to seek for those who believe this to be true, for wisdom is the practical application of knowledge or thoughts. If we can think it, it can be done. Nothing shall be impossible to him who believes (that nothing shall be impossible). This manner of thinking is not for the timid of heart because of the mindset of the majority of people. Very few are creative thinkers, dreamers and doers. Therefore, they do not know how to respond to someone who not only “thinks outside of the box”, but has decided to crawl out of the box altogether to a no boundaries and endless realm of free thinking and creativity.

So, what does this “I can do all things” person do to remain in possession of creative thought and action until realization of their dreams? Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Keep it to yourself. At least in the beginning. Meditate on your idea(s) until it becomes engrafted into yourself. An engrafted tree limb comes from another source to unite with another tree to produce the purposed fruit. Before harvest both the limb and the root tree must endure the process of growth. In a similar fashion our ideas and creative thoughts come from another source. We must choose to think and to see (at first with only our “minds eye”) during the growth process. Together enduring the “elements” contrary to the desired fruit. This may take a while or not. But until you have truly engrafted your thought/idea to become part of you it is best not to share it or you may become convinced it cannot be.


  1. Write/draw your idea out. A little each day or all at once when you have the light of creativity shining. Challenges will come to diminish or extinguish the light but as a light switch is turned on to dispel darkness your written thoughts will be the light encouraging you to “keep on trucking”. “It is written” was the process Jesus Christ used when tempted to depart from His purpose. It will work for you too.


  1. When you are confident share with others in hopes of finding one mind and one accord for the purpose of iron sharpening iron. Gain additional perspective, questions, insight and input from someone who understands and can be onboard with you without throwing you overboard.


  1. Rehearse and nurse but never curse the process. Even setbacks should be seen as setups for comebacks. Never give up on what is in your heart. Heart is the key word here. Desire and wishful thinking are not the same thing. Desire will deliver over time. Wishful thinking is a waste of time. Keep in mind, ”ALL things work for my good” If it were easy someone else would have already brought forth your ideas. Since they did not it is up to you to endure until the end.