This morning as I was listening to one of my favorite speakers, Les Brown, he was telling how each of us has a story to tell. I hear these words a lot recently. “Tell your story. Each of us has a story.”

It is true. We all do have stories. Some of our stories are positive and uplifting and serve as inspiration to others and some of our stories may serve as warnings in hopes that others may not repeat our mistakes.

We are usually pretty quick to share about our favorite restaurant outing, movie, concert, vacation and other similar occasions. But sharing our life experiences is usually too personal. We may think no one wants to hear about our struggles, successes or secrets. But when you think about it,

sharing from such experiences are where we may be most helpful to others. How often have we been encouraged by someone sharing how they came through situations or circumstances similar to those we may be facing at the moment. “If they can do that, then I can too!” helps us make the decision to stay determined until we reach the other side of our struggle or see the success we hoped for. Their story may also serve in keeping us from repeating some action or decision due to their negative results in having done so.

In short, “Tell your story.” You never know how helpful you may be to others or how far they may go in life because you shared. It has been said that “The man with an experience will never be at the mercy of a man with only an argument.”

 Often times I have witnessed people who live faith in Jesus Christ being hesitant to share their faith with others. There are several possible reasons for this, timidity, lack of theological “expertise”, possible ridicule, etc. In light of the thoughts I previously wrote, your experience in Jesus Christ is exactly that, YOUR experience. YOUR story. No one can argue what He is, has done or is to YOU. No Bible College needed. Not even a vast knowledge of bible truths or verses. Just YOU and Jesus. Just like it is YOU and your restaurant, movie or vacation story. Unless you embellish or lie your story is TRUTH regardless of what others may have experienced or think according to your story.


YOUR story in Christ is told as you share with others:

  1. YOUR life before Jesus Christ.
  2. How YOU met Jesus Christ.
  3. How YOUR life has changed because YOU know Jesus Christ.


Now step on out there and tell YOUR story. Someone needs to hear it!