Recently read an article “Ten Rdrama-maskseasons Christianity is Declining”. For me personally this is not true. I began my Jesus journey March 23, 1980. I have been a pastor in the same county for over 30 years and I say Christianity is not declining but there is an increase happening that makes it appear so.


“Christians” who are no different than the culture. They are not getting their way so they pull away and blame others. The pastor, the people or the program. Come on! Why should those who are not of Christian faith choose to embrace it as they look at all the professing drop outs. Yeah, I l know Jesus still loves you and you are going to heaven. Blah blah blah. You are just like the world you say Jesus redeemed you from. You know. In the world but not of it. But you are of it. You are just like it. You need your safe space. You cannot tolerate certain words and/or behaviors that make you feel awkward or embarrassed. So you pull away. Quit. Come on. Grow up!  I know the church is full of hypocrites. But Jesus still attends. So don’t leave. Stay. There is always room for one more hypocrite. Show up and fit in. By the way, Internet or tv preachers are not your church. Learn from them. Live their solid biblical teaching if they are teaching it. But the real test. Live in the face of people. People just like you. People who have been hurt, who hurt others, having respect of persons, people who are critical, bitter, etc. People just like you.  

I may get hurt or rejected or…again. Yes. You probably will. Jesus did. But He did not stay away as whining Christians do. He got in there and hung out with others. Even while knowing He would be BETRAYED by one. One He gave to and loved just as much as he did those who would eventually give their lives for his names sake.

Get over yourself. Show the world that Church is great and will prevail. Jesus said so. Quit your crying take up your cross and follow Jesus right into the midst of people who stink, curse, lie, deceive, etc.  and don’t forget to go to those in the world too!  You are redeemed but far from being perfect. Just like all the believers in Jesus Christ. The best way to being perfected is to be there and show the world the church is awesome in spite of the people who attend.  

Christianity is not declining. Jesus is building the Church and the gates of hell will not prevail against it.  In the process, remember the Church is not going to hurt you, it is going to kill you! Your life is as a filthy menstrual rag to God. Yuk! Come and die to self and live to Jesus. The Church will oblige you.

No! Christianity is not declining!

Whining Christians are increasing!

Unless you stop your whining today!

Remember: “Jesus can turn water into wine. He can’t turn your whining into anything!”

Now get to work. Jesus is coming!